Casdoor Identity Cloud

Awesome Features

Wave has some cool features to help you rapidly build your Software as a Service. Here are a few awesome features you're going to love!


Fully loaded authentication, email verification, and password reset. Authentication in a snap!

User Profiles

Customizable user profiles. Allow your users to enter data and easily customize their user profiles.

User Impersonation

With user impersonations you can login as another user and resolve an issue or troubleshoot a bug.


Allow users to pay for your service and signup for a subscription using Paddle Payments.

Subscription Plans

Create new plans with different features and intrigue your users to subscribe to any plan.

User Roles

Grant user permissions based on roles, you can then assign a role to a specific plan.


Ready-to-use Notification System which integrates with the default Laravel notification feature.


Create user announcements to notify users about new features or updates in your application.


Equipped with a fully-functional blog. Write posts related to your product to gain free SEO traffic.

Fully Functional API

Ready-to-consume API for your application. Create API tokens with role specific permissions.

Voyager Admin

Wave has been crafted using Laravel & Voyager, which makes administering your app a breeze!


Fully configurable themes. Choose from a few starter themes to begin configuring to make it your own.

How our customers say

User Voices

A lot of Fortune 500 companies and popular start-ups have been using Casdoor and Casbin.

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Wave allowed me to build the Software as a Service of my dreams!

Jane Cooper - CEO SomeCompany

Wave saved us hundreds of development hours. Creating a Software as a Service is now easier than ever with Wave.

John Doe - CEO SomeCompany

This is the best solution available for creating your own Software as a Service!

John Smith - CEO SomeCompany


Casdoor + Casbin hosting services provided by Casbin team


$19 per month

Basic Plan: for small teams, with limited technical support (via Tickets)

  • 2 Organizations
  • 1000 Users
  • 10 Providers
  • 5 Applications
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$99 per month

Premium Plan: for fast growing start-ups, with full technical support (8x5)

  • 5 Organizations
  • 10000 Users
  • 30 Providers
  • 20 Applications
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$299 per month

Enterprise Plan: for large & medium-sized enterprise, with full technical support (8x5)

  • 20 Organizations
  • 100000 Users
  • 100 Providers
  • 50 Applications
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Connect every person and organization with Casbin Identity Cloud.